Emunah Ottawa

Emunah Ottawa participates in a range of events including:

An Annual Honey Campaign at Rosh Hashana and a Maot Chitim at Pesach are held every year.

The Family-In-Israel Program (formerly known as the Mother-In-Israel Program) in an annual event takes place in each of our cities. Proceeds from this project provide socially and educationally disadvantaged children with the highest standard of care and attention in Emunah’s residential children’s homes, day care centers and schools throughout Israel.

Membership Drives
Each year a membership event is held, including a guest speaker and a lovely meal or light refreshments.

Guest Speakers
Emunah Ottawa is known for their phenomenal programing, including many exceptional guest speakers.


For more information about any of the above programs, please contact Emunah Ottawa’s treasurer, Rivka Kraus. emunah@emunahcanada.org

We are always looking at creating exciting innovative programming and activities if you would like to become more active in your city, please contact our National Office.

Contact Information:

Emunah Ottawa
Lipa Green Centre
4600 Bathurst St.
Suite 302E
Toronto, Ontario
M2R 3V3
Tel:(416) 634-3040

Email: emunah@emunahcanada.org